True Refrigeration Full Size Freezer

Offering 15.1 cu ft of freezer space, the 30” Freezer Column is the most flexible, functional, and unique True freezer to date. Perfect for large families and regular hosts, the Freezer Column is sized to fit into any space and to perfectly preserve all the proteins, produce, and party goods you could possibly need.

At BBQ Concepts we believe in being pragmatic suppliers of products and knowledge; adding a True Refrigeration Full Size Freezer to your outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area enables easy access while you’re preparing food or beverages. It also adds beauty and sophistication to your arsenal. And just as a painter has a palette full of colors, an Artist of the Grill utilizes a close proximity for their necessities as well. So keep all your resources local, keep them cold, keep them exactly how you want and never deviate from simplicity.


Industry exclusive, 300-series stainless steel interior and exterior Full Size Freezer. Stainless steel interior is antibacterial, hygienic, easy to clean, and does not retain food odors. All stainless steel, beautifully crafted proud hinges pass True’s rigorous one million door opening test. Beautifully crafted solid stainless steel door with 120° stay-open feature and ergonomically designed, robust, tubular handles. Commercially inspired lift-up grill on top of the unit with toe kick that complements the look of True’s undercounter units. Ramp-up, showcase interior LED lighting provides amazing illumination throughout. Intuitive True Precision® Control and readout provides digital accuracy and smooth operation. Balanced, forced-air refrigeration system enables proper airflow and even temperature throughout to keep frozen food fresh. Temperature as low as -4°F.



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