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Below you’ll find our custom outdoor kitchen project photo albums. You’ll be able to explore and research each project that we’ve listed, in-depth. Our project albums are a great place to find design ideas. We understand that not everyone is in the construction field, and you might be new to outdoor kitchen construction. So, we recommend that you first start figuring out what you like. This will introduce you to the many design layouts, materials, and differing product configurations. Our primary objective is to help you get the outdoor kitchen that you’ve always wanted!

Outdoor Kitchen Enclosure by BBQ Concepts - Las Vegas, NV

Party of Six Modern Outdoor Kitchen by BBQ Concepts

Custom Modern Outdoor Kitchen This spacious but intimate L-Shape modern outdoor kitchen merges form with functionality. Our client wished for something that could hold up to the desert seasons and look great. This built-in Lynx Sedona 42″ Professional Built-In Grill and Summerset Power Burner side cooker make a great pair! We added an isolated pullout… Read more »

Traeger 1300 Arctic White Stone with Dekton Countertop - Front Side. BBQ Concepts, Las Vegas, Nevada

Barbecue With A View – Outdoor Kitchen by BBQ Concepts

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design & Manufacturing In the Las Vegas valley, our straight layout barbecue island eagerly awaits the first party! Our customer wanted something sharp and clean and with excellent functionality. This barbecue with a view really does the trick. We started with a Traeger Timberline 1300 professional wood pellet smoker because it has… Read more »

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An Outdoor Kitchen by BBQ Concepts

The starry night sky is a delicious backdrop for the aromas of your outdoor kitchen to scatter in the winds. Some would call it overstimulation, others would label it ecstasy; feeling the breeze as you taste your creation in such a beautiful setting, inhaling preference while listening to the uniqueness of your thoughts. Welcome to… Read more »

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Window Into Your Soul – Outdoor Kitchens by BBQ Concepts

“I watch as the flame moves to and fro, almost in slow-motion as I stand in awe of how perfect it doesn’t know it is. Off in the distance, there’s a patter of footsteps accompanied by laughter. Bubbles are blown into the humid air as the moisture attaches itself to the fragile and malleable spheres… Read more »

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The Quintessential Outdoor Kitchen by BBQ Concepts

Artists are not only painters, musical composers, novelists, actors or actresses. They’re avant-garde expressionists of the sustenance of life. They’re masters of their tools no matter the creation. By having all the necessities at your disposal, from a sink to a refrigerator, your grill to the storage beneath it, the ingenuity of your art doesn’t… Read more »

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Dancing Flames Beneath The Twinkling of Stars – A Fire Pit by BBQ Concepts

The flame pokes its head from the pan to watch the water infinitely level itself after every gust of wind that passes. The flame isn’t envious of the servitude the water has towards its shelter; the flame takes pride in it’s inharmonious, volatile imbalance, the kind that can’t be duplicated. And the crackle beneath it… Read more »