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BBQ Concepts Official Grand Opening Event Coverage Photos

Shawn Tempesta of Mix 94.1 Broadcasting Live from the Official BBQ Concepts Grand Opening Event

We just finished up with the BBQ Concepts Official Grand Opening Event! It was an amazing turn-out. Even with the almost unbearable heat, we had plenty of guests that attended. In this post, we’ve included a photo gallery of both the special guests and our attendees. We would like to thank all those special people who took the time out of their day to celebrate our grand opening. We’d also like to say thank you to Mix 94.1 & Shawn Tempesta, Chopped Champion Chef Phillip Dell, Traeger Wood Fire Grills, Lynx, Alfresco, Companion Group, and all the other unsung heroes who participated in this event. Now you have a friend in the outdoor kitchen industry, BBQ Concepts.

P.S. We had quite of few people show up today, and once again we appreciate the support. If you did stop in and weren’t able to speak with one of our BBQ Concepts representatives, we apologize. Please understand that our customers are of the utmost importance. We invite you to stop back in at your earliest convenience to get to know us better. Thanks for making our grand opening a success.

The BBQ Concepts Team

BBQ Concepts Grand Opening Event Photo Gallery – Saturday, August 19th, 2017

This album showcases our grand opening event. We appreciate all the support from our customers and special guests. Special guests such as Mix 94.1 & Shawn Tempesta, Chopped Champion Chef Phillip Dell, Traeger Wood Fire Grills, Lynx, Alfresco, Companion Group, and all the other unsung heroes who participated in this event. Thank you for making BBQ Concepts the new one-stop-shop for all your outdoor kitchen needs!

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Are you in the market for a custom outdoor kitchen? Great, because BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada is here to serve. The BBQ Concepts team understands the importance of putting the customer first and providing a superior product at an affordable rate. Call today to schedule an on-site design consultation with us.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design Configurations – Circular Table & Bar Designs

Summerset Custom Outdoor Kitchen Area

The Stand-Alone Island with Circular Counter & Bar Space

Custom Outdoor Kitchens with Circular Counter-top Design Elements

Custom Outdoor Kitchens with Circular Counter-top Design Elements

Your choice in barbecue island design configuration is just as important as the professional grill & components you choose to install. Your outdoor kitchen configuration needs to be thought about in a few important ways. Will you be hosting guests? What type of grilling & cooking will you be doing? Will you require storage or cold storage (outdoor refrigerator)? We’ll be taking you through a few design concepts today. One of the configurations we’ll be talking about today is a spinoff of the traditional linear barbecue island design. This design includes an additional circular or rounded island end. It’s a linear island design configuration, but with the rounded extension. It’s a unique addition that will eliminate the traditional boxy look of a barbecue island design. This minor addition can make a huge aesthetic difference in the finished product. It’s almost purely aesthetic though. You’re only adding a few additional inches onto the counter-top.

If you have room for it, you can extend a traditional linear style outdoor kitchen design to include a round table counter-top. This increases the number of guest that can comfortably dine around your outdoor kitchen area. We’ve included a few sample images to help you understand the outdoor kitchen design concepts we’re referring to.

Staight Island with Built Round Table - BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada

Staight Island with Built Round Table – BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada

The two design photos we’ve shown thus far have been for traditional height barbecue islands, which is 36” tall. Sometimes, we’ll even design a linear island that will include a bar height counter-top transition. This type of outdoor kitchen design includes a raised level, a level that usually is 42” tall. A raised bar-top that’s implemented correctly can truly give your custom outdoor kitchen an aesthetic flair that is unique and beautiful.

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen Counter Height & Bar Height Info-graphic

Below we’ve included a nifty little info-graphic that will help you visualize and understand the difference between standard counter-top height and bar height. This will help you get a better idea of what you want and how to describe it to your BBQ Concepts outdoor kitchen designer.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Height Chart Infographic - BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Height Chart Infographic – BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas

When it comes to custom outdoor kitchen design, the options are literally limitless. In all actuality, our outdoor kitchen design team can do just about anything you want. The primary objective of the BBQ Concepts website is to introduce you to some of the existing configurations that are already being implemented within the industry. The first step in building the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted is first finding out what you prefer.

Have you been looking for a custom barbecue island design company in Las Vegas, Nevada? Well, you’ve come to the right place. BBQ Concepts is the newest outdoor kitchen design & manufacturing company in town. Our professionals have come together from other leading companies here in town. We’re committed to finally doing it right. Here at BBQ Concepts, the customer comes first. You’ll quickly start to see just how different our company is compared to the competition.

Building A Custom Outdoor Kitchen with BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas

After BBQ Concepts Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

The BBQ Concepts quality and product guarantee, we price match with competitors and guarantee the lowest prices. When you choose the professionals here at BBQ Concepts, you’re choosing a local Southern Nevada company that understands the importance of quality customer service and high performance outdoor kitchen products. We’re your friend in the custom outdoor kitchen industry. Give us a call today to schedule an on-site design consultation.

Lynx Professional Grills - BBQ Concepts Las Vegas, Nevada

Lynx Professional Grills – BBQ Concepts Las Vegas, Nevada

This article will help to get you familiarized with the process of building a custom outdoor kitchen. Half the battle is figuring out what you want in an outdoor living area. The first step is understanding what’s available to you. There are a lot of choices when building a brand-new BBQ Island. Choices will be made for the layout, grill, stainless-steel components, along with the finishing materials. Deciding to build the outdoor kitchen is only the beginning. The nice thing is that you have a friend in the industry, BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada. We are your professional outdoor living consultants and manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to get a head start on a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project or you’re interested in having us design & manufacture it for you. BBQ Concepts is one of Southern Nevada’s newest custom outdoor kitchen builders. Below, we’ll introduce you to the BBQ Concepts design process. Our objective is to help you start thinking about your project.

Here in Las Vegas, the chances are high that you’ll be building it in your backyard. Figuring out where you’re going to build your new barbecue island, the layout configuration, and what type of foundation it will be built on is a great place to start. At this point you’ll probably want to contact us here at BBQ Concepts to schedule an on-site consultation. We’ll happily stop by and guide through the process of finding the perfect area for your outdoor kitchen. We’ll usually try to find a spot that has an existing foundation. If you don’t have a foundation, we’ll refer you to some great contractors that’ll help you out. During our consult, we’ll be taking measurements and figuring out whether you’ll use LP (Liquid Propane) or NG (Natural Gas) from your home. All in all, we’re there to assess both the environment as well as get some introductory decisions made. Next, we move into the fun part. Now we’ll take you through the BBQ Concepts custom outdoor kitchen design phase.

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Computer Aided Outdoor Kitchen Design – BBQ Concepts Las Vegas, Nevada

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design - BBQ Concepts

When it comes to the latest in technology, our team is cutting edge. We truly embrace modern design & construction technique. From the materials used in our custom outdoor kitchen manufacturing process to the way we present our project portfolios. BBQ Concepts is a modern outdoor kitchen design studio. We use the latest in CAD (Computer Aided Design) on all our professional outdoor living projects. Our process is streamlined and has been developed through many years of professional outdoor construction experience. We develop 3D CAD designs for all our outdoor kitchen projects. Enabling our customers to visualize their custom outdoor living project in the form of 3D CAD Design, all before we start to manufacture anything. Allowing you to see the proposed outdoor living space, make modifications, additions, and subtractions based on your aesthetic preferences. When you choose the BBQ Concepts team, you’re choosing the right manufacturer for your custom outdoor living space.

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BBQ Concepts

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design & Manufacturing of Las Vegas, Nevada

Lynx - Professional Barbecue Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Don’t be fooled by cheap marketing gimmicks, choose the professional outdoor kitchen manufacturers here at BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ve assembled some of the top outdoor kitchen specialists under one roof. Our team does it all! Give us a call or stop into our showroom today to schedule an on-site consultation. Contact us by phone now – (702) 872-BBQS (2277)

The Next Generation of Professional Outdoor Living Specialists

Custom Outdoor Kitchen with Lynx Barbecue Grill, Pizza Oven, Power Burner, Warming Drawer and Access Door & DrawersBBQ Concepts is the next generation of custom outdoor kitchen design & fabrication. We combine beautiful outdoor kitchen design and high-performance cooking & grilling equipment to produce the ultimate standard in outdoor living products. If you’re in the market for an outdoor kitchen manufacture, look no further than the BBQ Concepts team. We’re confident that we can take your unique outdoor living area and transform it into an amazing place where you’ll be able host family and friends, for many years to come. We develop all our outdoor kitchen creations with the assistance of CAD (Computer Aided Design). Through technology, we’re able to present design concepts to our clients before we ever start the construction process. Leaving very little room for problems, misunderstanding, or errors. Our process is top notch and results in amazing outdoor living products.

We’re one of the largest professional barbecue grill & BBQ Island accessory retailers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our location showcases some of the top grill manufacturers in the industry. Grill brands such as Lynx, Alfresco, Sedona, Firemagic, DCS, Summreset, and many more. We invite you to stop in to our physical showroom and speak with a BBQ Concepts professional. Our team is ready and willing to help you choose a professional outdoor grill for your custom outdoor kitchen. From concept to completion, BBQ Concepts is your local Barbecue Grill superstore.

Professional Barbecue Grills & Accessories by Leading Manufacturers

  • Lynx
  • Alfresco
  • Sedona
  • DCS
  • Summerset
  • Blaze
  • PCM
  • Traeger
  • GMG
  • Louisiana
  • And So Much More

Need a custom BBQ Island and outdoor living area? Don’t wait, give the professionals here at BBQ Concepts a call and schedule an on-site consultation.