Barbecue Ribs Recommended Recipe - 4th of July

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Best Barbecue Ribs Ever

In observance of 4th of July and the celebration of our Independence Day, BBQ Concepts has another spectacular recipe we’d like to recommend to all our BBQ fans. We understand that tomorrow is going to be a blast, literally. There’s just one thing that can make the night even better and that’s the “Best Barbecue Ribs Ever” recipe by Katie Lee over at the Food Network. When it comes to grilling those ribs, having a professional barbecue grill and outdoor kitchen area can make preparing and cooking your meals much easier. Believe it or not, the professional grill brands we sell here at BBQ Concepts are designed for optimal performance. The most common features you’ll benefit from when using a professional grill is the overall BTU output, evenly distributed heat on the grilling surface, infrared burners, rotisserie, and many other upgraded components. Also, the grills we sell have a more than reasonable life span. They’re not grills that you throw out every two years. We just wanted to impart some of our BBQ Master secrets that we’ve learned over the years. When buying a grill, you always get what you paid for.

We Have the Right Stuff! BBQ Sauces, Rubs, Seasonings & Wood

If you haven’t heard, BBQ Concepts is Las Vegas, Nevada’s one-stop-shop for all your professional barbecue grilling products. We don’t just build amazing outdoor kitchen areas! We’re a retailer of all the BBQ accoutrements. We sell products like rubs, seasonings, BBQ sauces, wood pellets (Smoker Fuel Source), utensils and so much more. We’re definitely the place to stop into before your 4th of July BBQ blowout.

Best Barbecue Ribs Ever

We found one of the best Barbecue Rib recipes on the Food Network and decided to share. We’re hoping that some of our suggestions will help you decide what you’ll serve for our Independence Day.

Recipe courtesy of Katie Lee of the Food Network

As always, we hope that everyone celebrates this 4th of July holiday with dignity and respect. Stay safe, stay sane, and remember why we celebrate our Independence every year. It’s not all about fireworks and fun, it’s about freedom, rights, and Americana. Oh yea, it’s about barbecue grilling too!

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