True Refrigeration 15″ Undercounter Refrigerator

Good things come in small packages. The 15″ Undercounter Refrigerators incorporate all the outstanding features of the 24″ models, with the added flexibility of their compact size. The perfect combination of powerful performance with universal styling, the True Undercounter Refrigerator is an elegant addition to any space in your home.

At BBQ Concepts we believe in being pragmatic suppliers of products and knowledge; adding the True Refrigeration Undercounter Refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area enables easy access while you’re preparing food or beverages. It also adds beauty and sophistication to your arsenal. And just as a painter has a palette full of colors, an Artist of the Grill utilizes a close proximity for their necessities as well. So keep all your resources local, cold and exactly how you want, and never deviate from simplicity.