Beef Rib Types and Tips

Types of Beef Ribs
Beef ribs are the least known and under-appreciated cuts of meat. They’re super rich, and drenched full of flavor and are fairly easy to prepare and cook.

Baby Back Beef Ribs
Beef back ribs are large, you may even have heard them referred to as dinosaur ribs. They are the large bones not used in a prime rib roast. Due to their massive size its common to cut them into single size portions. Coat these in your favorite rub and prepare your tastebuds for a tender cut of beef.

Short Ribs
These ribs are cut from the shoulder and are rectangular in form. These are full of collagen and flavorful fat so need a similar treatment as brisket. This cut is best cooked slow and low, a smoke will get the best results but wrapping them in foil and cooking for a few hours in the oven is also delicious.

Flanked Style Ribs
Flanked ribs come from a similar area of the cow to short ribs. They are cut lengthwise across the ribs rather than straight down between the ribs. These contain a lot of mean but you have to deal with multiple bones. These ribs are unique due to the placement of the bone, best used in a stew or braised.

Buying And Storing Tips
Beef is typically a purple-red color, but when exposed to oxygen it takes on a red color saturation known as the “bloom.” The outside of the meat is bright red, while inside the meat will appear darker color.