Barbecue With A View – Outdoor Kitchen by BBQ Concepts

Traeger 1300 Arctic White Stone with Dekton Countertop - Front Side. BBQ Concepts, Las Vegas, Nevada

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design & Manufacturing

In the Las Vegas valley, our straight layout barbecue island eagerly awaits the first party! Our customer wanted something sharp and clean and with excellent functionality. This barbecue with a view really does the trick. We started with a Traeger Timberline 1300 professional wood pellet smoker because it has the capacity for smoking enough food for a small crowd. We then added a Lynx 30″ professional grill with all Trident Infrared Burners + Rotisserie. Having a large capacity outdoor smoker combined with a large capacity searing grill is something right out of a barbecue fantasy! When our client asked for a small beverage refrigerator that was above the standard, we gladly added a True Refrigeration 24″ Beverage Center with a very sharp looking glass door.


The entire barbecue island is wrapped in Arctic White stacked stone which contrasts perfectly with the Dekton Radium countertop.  The barbecue island has a 30″ access door under the Traeger 1300 smoker/grill plus a 30″ combo drawers/access door. All installed with upgraded trim kits for a quality look and finish. Not only do these appliances come together in an aesthetically pleasing way, the Dekton countertop will ensure that this barbecue island will last for years!

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