Dancing Flames Beneath The Twinkling of Stars – A Fire Pit by BBQ Concepts

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The flame pokes its head from the pan to watch the water infinitely level itself after every gust of wind that passes. The flame isn’t envious of the servitude the water has towards its shelter; the flame takes pride in it’s inharmonious, volatile imbalance, the kind that can’t be duplicated. And the crackle beneath it soothes like the numbing of stress, separating its owner’s eyes from their thoughts, until conciousness is regained from the twinkle of a distant star, bringing you back to earth, back to your fire pit.

If you’re in the market for a professional outdoor fireplace or just about any other type of fire feature, call BBQ Concepts, your source for outdoor kitchens and accessories. We carry a vast assortment of pre-built fire features by some of the leading manufacturers within the outdoor kitchen and outdoor living industry.

Check us out the next time you look towards the upward abyss.