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Best Materials for Your Outdoor Kitchen

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BBQ Concepts – Las Vegas, Nevada

Southern Nevada is home to some of the best outdoor kitchens and BBQ Concepts in Las Vegas, Nevada has the best materials for your outdoor kitchen. BBQ Concepts has everything you need for building an outdoor kitchen that lasts. In this article, we will review some of the best materials used for modern outdoor kitchens. Not all outdoor kitchens are built the same, so let us review the best options.

From the bottom up

Starting with flooring options for an outdoor kitchen, two of the most popular options are poured concrete and stone pavers. Poured concrete is durable and can take the heat from the blazing summer sun. Stone pavers are also very durable and come in a variety of colors and textures. Concrete and stone create an easy to clean and very durable foundation for an outdoor kitchen or living area. Stone pavers are decorative, as well as, highly functional in an outdoor kitchen. With the help of modern coating materials, these stone and concrete foundations can be coated with a heat-resistant surface coating that prevents the ground from becoming too hot to walk on in bare feet… or hot enough to cook an egg.

The structure of a barbecue island

Barbecue islands are the centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen. The less expensive option for barbecue islands is stainless steel, which works well and will hold up well year round. One of the big drawbacks of stainless steel is that it can be tricky to keep clean and smudge free. A better option for the built-in barbecue structure is using concrete or steel to build the frame, and then using Dekton brick panels to wrap and protect the barbecue island. Wood is another popular option for outdoor kitchens, however; wooden structures, cupboards, and furniture combined with the desert heat do not traditionally mix well. The sun will dry and crack wood unless great care has been taken to protect it. Stick with a steel or concrete frame and the barbecue island will last years longer.

Top off the outdoor kitchen

The two most commonly used countertop materials are poured concrete and granite. When it comes to outdoor kitchens, the countertop will make or break a design. Granite comes in ‘levels’ of patterns and quality. A level 1 granite will have a less notable pattern and color style than a level 3 granite. Having an outdoor kitchen countertop that is very durable and easy to clean cannot be understated. Granite is the best option for durability and stain resistance. Granite countertops are non-porous and will resist stains from spilled food and drinks.

To summarize the best materials for an outdoor kitchen:
Concrete or stone paver foundation
Concrete or steel frame barbecue island structure
Dekton/Stone tile covering for the barbecue island
Granite or poured concrete countertop

If you have any questions or wish to schedule an outdoor kitchen project, call the barbecue experts at BBQ Concepts. BBQ Concepts is located at 5060 S Fort Apache Rd #135, Las Vegas, NV 89148. Their phone number is (702) 872-2277.

BBQ Concepts is open Monday through Friday, 9 am – 6 pm, and Saturday 9 am – 5 pm. BBQ Concepts is not open on Sundays.

Outdoor Kitchens Las Vegas

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Outdoor Kitchens Las Vegas Nevada

With the unusual ice and snow in Las Vegas finally over for the season, it’s time to talk about Outdoor Kitchens in Las Vegas, Nevada!

BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas has the experience and supplies to help build the outdoor kitchen that you desire. But what if you are not sure what you want or know how to find it? With just a few ideas, an entire vision for an outdoor kitchen or living area can happen. That is where the experts at BBQ Concepts can assist! Let’s review what an outdoor kitchen is all about.

The budget

Without funds, an outdoor kitchen remains a dream. Before you can plan your outdoor kitchen, always know your budget for the project. Knowing how much money you have budgeted is helpful for the planning stage of an outdoor kitchen project. There are many options to choose from, and costs can quickly overrun without proper diligence. Know your budget and stick to it.

The planning for your outdoor kitchen

Have an idea about the appliances you would like to have in your outdoor kitchen. There are basic outdoor kitchen ideas such as having a built-in barbecue grill, a small sink, an outdoor refrigerator, and a place to store your utensils. Other options include trash disposal drawers, storage drawers, extended countertops, seating areas, dining areas, wet bars, and the list goes on from there. Once you have an idea about what you want in your outdoor kitchen, you are ready to talk to a professional.

The Consultation

This part of an outdoor kitchen project is where ideas, budget, and reality come together. It’s time to develop into a construction and installation plan. A specialist inspects the property to plan a layout and calculate installation with costs based on requirements for electricity, gas, and water along with construction and outdoor rated appliances. The consultation is a crucial part of any successful outdoor kitchen project. Having experienced people guiding the process is well worth the cost.

The Permits

Once an outdoor kitchen project is mapped out, secure the permits for the project. Construction and utility work will always require permits before construction can begin.

The Construction

When planned out well, the architect, contractors, and construction workers coordinate to build the foundation and run the utility connections. Appliances, cabinetry, and countertops arrive and placed. Everything that needs to happen to bring the dream to reality occurs in this part of the plan. The time required for construction entirely depends on the design and scale of the outdoor kitchen project.

The Final Touches

With the outdoor kitchen built and successfully tested, the fun part begins! All of the little things that make your outdoor kitchen functional and personal find their way. Some of the favorite items found in outdoor kitchens and living areas include LED lighting, outdoor rated audio/video entertainment, wet bars, counter islands and couches for seating. Some add useful items like patio heaters and fire features to their outdoor living areas.

Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen

Lynx Professional Built-in Barbecue Grills - Outdoor Kitchens of Las Vegas, Nevada - BBQ Concepts

February Is The Time To Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen

In Southern Nevada, if you want to plan an outdoor kitchen or living area to be ready for the summer, February is the perfect time to get started with planning! Because Southern Nevada averages a shorter winter season than much of the country, February is a great time to get plans for outdoor kitchens and barbecues set in motion. While February is historically Nevada’s wet and rainy season, it also serves as a great time to get started with planning and preparing for construction for outdoor kitchens and living areas. We will now cover 11 essential questions to ask when planning an outdoor kitchen.

  • 1) How often will you cook outside?
  • 2) How many people will you typically grill for?
  • 3) Will children need to be a consideration in the overall design?
  • 4) What types of food will you be cooking outside?
  • 5) What are the grill and smoker box options?
  • 6) Do you plan on having an outdoor sink or refrigeration?
  • 7) Will gas or water lines need to be constructed?
  • 8) Will you need an outdoor kitchen prep area?
  • 9) How much outdoor storage will be required for utensils, dishes, tools, trash, and other items?
  • 10) Will you need an outdoor eating area?
  • 11) Will you use the space for entertaining as well as cooking?

The most significant consideration for the planning and building of an outdoor kitchen or living area is to KNOW YOUR BUDGET AND STICK WITH IT.
Every year there are more and more options available for customizing an outdoor kitchen and budgets can quickly get out of control if careful planning is not done before construction starts. Work with a professional when planning, designing, and building an outdoor kitchen or living area and save a lot of time, money, and stress.

Thankfully, the knowledgeable staff at BBQ Concepts in Las Vegas, Nevada has years of experience to be able to assist every step of the way! BBQ Concepts is now open seven days a week to help with any questions that you might have about your outdoor kitchen.

What Outdoor Kitchen Design & Layout Do You Want? BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada

BBQ Concepts Outdoor Kitchen Design Services

We don’t just build outdoor kitchen structures; we create beautiful outdoor living environments that are both elegant and functionally efficient. Believe it or not, there is a difference. We design with your outdoor living needs in mind! We develop our outdoor kitchen designs with function and efficiency as the foundation. From prep and wash areas to outdoor bar top seating, our focus is creating an outdoor living area that assists you in your delicious outdoor culinary creations. A lot of thought and planning goes into each BBQ Concepts outdoor kitchen design. Our team of professional outdoor living specialists is here to ensure you receive a product that is customized to fit your unique needs. We’re not here to up-sell you like our competitors, that’s easy. We’re here to inform and educate you about your product options on the market today. We’ll only recommend the outdoor grilling and cooking components you need.

BBQ Concepts Is Here For You!

Outdoor Kitchen Line Drawing Layout

Outdoor Kitchen Line Drawing Layout

We eliminate the confusion of building a custom outdoor kitchen. There is a vast range of outdoor cooking components and materials on the market in the 21st century. Your options are almost endless; the outdoor kitchen & living area industry has grown in popularity immensely within the last fifteen years. The hardware store grills are no longer the choice of American homeowners. Unless you like changing your grill out every three years? Here at BBQ Concepts, we offer professional built-in barbecue grill & component solutions. Our products perform and last substantially longer than the traditional hardware store grills. Plus they’re sleek and gorgeous in comparison. We also provide matching stainless steel side burners, refrigeration, storage, and so much more. If you want a kitchen with a traditional Italian Pizza Oven, no problem. We’re dealers of a comprehensive range of cooking and grilling products. If we don’t have it on our showroom floor, we can get it for you. That’s half the battle though, understanding what’s available to you.

Custom Sized Fire Rings, Burners, Fire Glass, Ignitions, and more

Here at BBQ Concepts, we also design & manufacture custom fire features. We also sell fire feature components for all you DIY guys. We have a huge selection of fire rings and custom burners, fire glass, ignitions, gas lines and more.

We invite you to stop by our showroom for a pre outdoor kitchen design consultation. You can browse some of our showroom models. We’ll help you get some ideas about what you want in an outdoor living area. We have a large assortment of building material samples that you can check out! From stacked stone to tile displays, we’re also an official Dekton countertop material provider. Give us a call or visit our showroom today to learn more.

Schedule an On-Site Outdoor Kitchen Design Consultation

Schedule an on-site design consultation with the professionals here at BBQ Concepts. We're Las Vegas, Nevada's custom outdoor kitchen design company. What are you waiting for? Let's start building, today! Please keep in mind that we will call to confirm all the information provided.
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BBQ Concepts Prefabricated Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Features & Outdoor Living Structures

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Custom Prefabricated Outdoor Kitchens & Fire Feature Manufacturing in the 21st Century

BBQ Concepts - 14 Gauge Galvanized 120 Steel Tubing Structural Framing

BBQ Concepts – 14 Gauge Galvanized 120 Steel Tubing Structural Framing

Here at BBQ Concepts, we understand the importance of planning, designing, and using superior construction materials in our prefabricated outdoor kitchens and fire features. We frame our premium outdoor kitchen products using 1” x 1 ½” 14 Gauge Galvanized 120 Steel Tubing. The Galvanized 120 Steel offers the strength and durability needed for the construction of our marvelous outdoor living components. Steel is quickly becoming the favored choice in residential outdoor kitchen construction & manufacturing. Its lightweight and continues to be one of the strongest, most durable and used building materials on the market today. The lightweight steel framing allows us to prefabricate your custom outdoor kitchen product in our warehouse, then deliver the finished product to your residential home. We offer convenience to the modern day homeowner, drastically reducing the amount of on-site construction that occurs at your residence.


Our outdoor living products are lightweight, allowing you to quickly transport your product to a new location if you ever choose to move into a new home. We offer outdoor kitchen relocation services as well. Just another one of the many conveniences you will benefit from when you choose BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada.


BBQ Concepts Does Not Recommend Cinder Block Structural Framing

Cinder Block Construction

Cinder Block Construction

We never use cinder block or lumber materials in the fabrication of our custom outdoor components and fire features. Occasionally, we are called out to remodel or repurpose an existing cinder block structure. We do not recommend using cinder block for the structural foundation of your barbecue island. Using cinder block is an outdated method that has many drawbacks. Traditional masonry will limit your aesthetic design options and will render the outdoor kitchen immovable. Also, demolition of the structure is very difficult compared to any other process. Permits and inspections are required when using cinder block as your structural building material.


We recommend that you speak with one of our outdoor living specialists before you commit to using cinder block for your outdoor living structure. Our prefabricated outdoor kitchens & fire features are lighter, stronger, and far more convenient when compared to the old-school construction of the past. We invite you to fill out the form below to schedule an on-site design consultation with the pros here at BBQ Concepts. Our goal is to make sure you fully understand your options and what’s available to you.


Schedule an On-Site Outdoor Kitchen Design Consultation

Schedule an on-site design consultation with the professionals here at BBQ Concepts. We're Las Vegas, Nevada's custom outdoor kitchen design company. What are you waiting for? Let's start building, today! Please keep in mind that we will call to confirm all the information provided.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Please include a date that will fit your schedule. Please keep in mind that we will contact you to confirm this date.
  • :
    Please include a time that works for your busy schedule. Keep in mind that we will call to confirm this time.

Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems – 42″ ALXE Barbecue Grill Review/Introduction

Alfresco 42 ALXE Barbecue Grill Review Video Advertisement

Alfresco 42″ ALXE Barbecue Grill

In this video by BBQ Concepts, we take you through an intro/review of the spectacular Alfresco 42″ ALXE Built-In Barbecue Grill. Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-end professional barbecue grills & components. Alfresco has everything you need to build a professional outdoor kitchen and living environment. John Cerul of BBQ Concepts introduces you to the 42″ Alfresco in this video presentation, we’re confident that its unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s the perfect video to watch if you’re considering a purchase of the Alfresco 42″ professional barbecue grill. After you’re finished viewing, give us a call or stop by our showroom today.

The key to perfectly grilled food is instant caramelization, which seals in juices for tender, moist, and flavorful food. The ALXE grill has been engineered to deliver the intense, even heat needed to achieve perfect results, with the control and flexibility needed for all kinds of food.


  • Three 18-SR stainless steel main burners producing 82,500 BTUs
  • Integrated rotisserie system with built-in motor
    and 18,500 BTU infrared burner
  • Smoker system with 5,000 BTU dedicated burner and drawer
    for wood chunks
  • 770 sq. in. actual grilling area
  • 3 position warming rack stores up out of the way when rotissing
  • Dual integrated high-intensity halogen work lights
  • User-friendly push-button ignition with sealed 110v AC power source
  • Optional Infrared Sear Zone™ and refrigerated base cabinet
  • Available as a Built-in Model or Freestanding Cart Model


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Summerset Sizzler 32″ Pro Built-in Barbecue Grill Review

Summerset Sizzler Pro 32" Grill Review by Omid Mahban of BBQ Concepts of Las Vegas, Nevada

Summerset Sizzler Pro 32″ Built-in Barbecue Grill Video Introduction – Brought to you by Omid Mahban of BBQ Concepts

The all new Summerset Sizzler Pro 32″ packs tons of features on top of quality construction and affordability. Upholding the same sleek design as our classic Sizzler along with the added Exterior LED Lights, this grill really set itself apart. The interior has also been revamped with 14,000 BTU Cast Burners, Heat Zone Separators and Interior Cooking Lights to make for a premium grilling experience from top to bottom. The best part is… it won’t break your wallet.

Summerset Sizzler Pro 32″ Built-in Barbecue Grill – Features

Weight 119 lbs
Model Number SIZPRO-32
Overall Dimensions

20″ (H) x 32 1/2″ (W) x 25″ (D)

Box Dimensions

22″ (H) x 36″ (W) x 27″ (D)

Fuel Type

Natural Gas, Propane


#443 Stainless Steel Construction

Front Panel Lighting

LED Front Panel Lighting

Hood Features

Double-lined Hood

Grate Thickness

8mm Cooking Grates

Burner Type

Cast Stainless Burner

Ignition Features

Flame Thrower Ignition, Manual Flash Tube Ignition

Briquette System

Easy-clean Briquette System

Cooking Feature

Heat-Zone Separator

Main Burner BTUs

14,000 BTUs (each burner)

Back Burner BTUs

15,000 (infrared burner)

Total Cooking Surface

795 (square inches)

Temperature Gauge

3″ Built-in Temperature Gauge


30 5/8 X 8 1/2 X 20 3/4

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Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (702) 872-BBQS (2277)

Purchasing A Professional Barbecue Grill for your Outdoor Kitchen

Lynx Professional Built-in Barbecue Grills - Outdoor Kitchens of Las Vegas, Nevada - BBQ Concepts

What to look for before you buy a professional outdoor grill for your custom outdoor kitchen & living space. We invite you visit our brand-new BBQ Concepts showroom, located here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our professional outdoor kitchen design team is happy to help you design & build the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted.

There’s no shortage of options, bells, and whistles when it comes to buying a professional grill for your outdoor kitchen island. There are many important things you’ll want to consider though. The last thing you want to do is purchase a grill that will only last 2-3 years. We call these types of grills “throwaways”. They are more common than you think, and trust us when we say you get what you pay for in the barbecue grill industry. We won’t be mentioning those grills in this article today. But what we will be doing is giving you a few pointers, tips, and tricks that will help you during the BBQ buying process.

Structural Design & Integrity of a Barbecue Grill

Lynx 42" Built-in Grill with Rotisserie

Lynx 42″ Built-in Grill with Rotisserie

304 Stainless-Steel is the industry standard when it comes to professional barbecue grills. The structural integrity of your grill is extremely important, the last thing you want is for your grill to start rusting and breaking down inside your new barbecue island. The goal of building a custom outdoor kitchen is to get as many years out of it as possible. The professional grills we’ll be talking about today have a lifespan of around 10 – 15 years. The nice thing about a professional grill is that they are just like vehicles, if a part breaks, you’re able to replace it. Believe us when we say that we’ve seen customers with professional grills as old as their automotive vehicle. The great thing is that there are as many auto makers as barbecue grill manufacturers, and they all have their own signature styles and design.

There’s quite a few great barbecue grill manufacturers on the market today. It’s always best to start the process by talking with a professional within the industry. BBQ Concepts is Las Vegas, Nevada’s outdoor kitchen specialists and we’re here to help you design and amazing outdoor kitchen environment. Give BBQ Concepts a call today!

We recommend that you make sure that the grill you purchase for your barbecue island is made of stainless-steel. Stainless-steel is the industry standard right now. Most of the popular grill brands have standardized grill sizes too. So, when it comes time to replace the old grill, the chances are high that they will have made a newer model in the exact same size or cut-out size.

Professional Barbecue Grill Burners, BTU Output, Grilling Surface & Grates

Stainless-Steel Built-in Professional Barbecue Grill Grate

Summerset Stainless-Steel Built-in Professional Barbecue Grill Grate

Your professional barbecue grill burners are another very important feature that you’ll want to understand. We’re not going to get all scientific on you so don’t worry. The basic idea is simple though, the higher the BTU output, the faster you’ll be able to grill your food. What metal the burners are manufactured out of as well as their lifespan are important as well. Grill burners are constructed from a range of materials, cast brass, cast iron, 304 stainless-steel, and infrared (which is a type of burner, not material). Leading grill manufacturers usually use cast brass burners. Cast brass burners are considered to be superior in many ways. They’ll usually last as long as the grill itself.

Professional Barbecue Grill Infographic - Grilling Surface and Rear Infrared Rotisserie Diagram

Professional Barbecue Grill Infographic – Grilling Surface and Rear Infrared Rotisserie Diagram

The Infrared Burner – the infrared barbecue grill burner is a fairly new concept. Infrared burners are different from your standard grill burners. Infrared use to be found primarily on the rear wall of the grill and were used as the rotisserie burner. Within the last 10 years, manufacturers have started to include add-on infrared burners that are either built-in to the grill, or can be alternated between a standard burner. Infrared burners have definitely become popular since hitting the market. You can purchase grills that only contain infrared burners. If you’d like to learn more about the Infrared Burner and how it differs from a traditional burner system, check out this article from BBQ Concepts about the difference between the two – Barbecue Grill Burners – Infrared Burner VS Traditional Burner.

BTU: A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one-degree Fahrenheit. This is the standard measurement used to state the amount of energy that a fuel has as well as the amount of output of any heat generating device.

Your professional grill will have a BTU output associated with each burner. The number of burners your grill will have will range from 3 – 6, sometimes even more. Entry level professional grills will usually have 3 burners, which is a very common configuration. BTU output per burner can range from 10,000 to 20,000 depending on the grill manufacturer. Most of the professional grills on the market today will also come with an infrared rotisserie burner in the rear wall of the grill. The infrared rotisserie burner is usually built-in to the grill, but some companies will charge extra for the rotisserie motor as well as the spit. The nice thing about taking the leap into the professional barbecue grill range is that they start offering rotisserie systems. Most of the cheaper brands don’t have rotisseries and if they do, they’re not very good.

The grilling surface is another extremely important feature of a professional barbecue grill. The barbecue grill surface will be measured in square inches. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that more grilling surface is beneficial. The grilling surface or area depends on the barbecue grill you purchase. A great question to answer before purchasing a grill is, “How many people will you be grilling for?” This answer will give you a better idea of what grill range you should be considering. If you know you’ll be throwing huge BBQ blowouts every weekend, you’ll probably want to invest in a larger grill. Trust us when we say, you don’t want to be cooking hamburgers for your guests for the entire night. Buying a larger grill will make a world of difference in your social life.

Another important aspect of the grilling surface is whether the temperature is consistent throughout the entire surface. Does the barbecue grill have cold spots? You can research on the internet to see what people are saying about any grill on the market. The primary objective is to purchase a barbecue grill that evenly distributes heat to its grilling surface.  The surface being the grill grate/s, the grill grates also can vary in size and material used in its manufacturing process. Grill grates can be made of porcelain enamel coated steel wire or porcelain enamel coated cast iron.

Professional Barbecue Grill Features, Bell’s & Whistles

From LED lighting, knobs, ignition systems, wood smoking trays, and so much more, the industry is massive and competitive. There’s a huge range of features that you can purchase in a professional barbecue grill. Some grills come with built-in side burners and other handy add-ons. What it really comes down to is making sure you choose a professional grill that will last the next ten years without any hitches. We recommend speaking with a BBQ Concepts specialist about your options. Our team will help you choose a grill that makes the most sense for your outdoor kitchen space and configuration.

Schedule an on-site consultation with the pros here at BBQ Concepts. We’ll guide you through our custom outdoor kitchen design process, we’ll make sure you get the outdoor kitchen you’ve always imagined. Give us a call today to start designing the ultimate outdoor living space!